About us

We are an enthusiastic and very active group of men (women are also welcome), who are working together to establish a new Men’s Shed in Silverdale, next door to Bunnings. With Resource Consent and Planning Permission already in place, we have begun fund-raising to get the 450m2 shed erected. Grants have been applied for from two organisations and more are in the pipeline.

To date, there are 53 paid-up founder-members and 253 on our mailing list. Use of the Men’s Shed will be limited to members only, so why not join us now and be part of this exciting new venture? You will have great opportunities to get out of the house and enjoy the company of many others, who are just like you.

We have now emptied the storage unit kindly loaned by Guardian Storage in Silverdale, and installed the donated tools and machinery in our temporary Shed at Brightside Road, where members are already working on a number of projects.

We are indebted to the many companies and organisations whose names appear on this website, who have provided services to us, and we have also been helped greatly by the New Zealand MENZSHED organisation and Men's Shed North Shore

Our Vision

To provide a venue and amenity, giving members the opportunity to practice, share and participate in their many hobbies and related activities, and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded people in a relaxed, safe environment; supporting their lifestyle, mental and physical health and in so doing develop a valuable community facility supported by an active, thriving membership.

Our Mission

  • To provide a forum and physical location where members (primarily, but not only men) can regularly assemble to share skills, make friends and network with other members, with the primary purpose of supporting and enhancing their personal well-being and health.
  • To provide a venue for members to meet regularly in a relaxed, happy and creative space and in an environment where members can feel useful and contribute to their community.
  • To draw on the collective knowledge and skills of the membership in order to support community-based projects.

Major sponsors

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